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Differences from the Rayman 1 Game :: 

• There are no cages in Rayman's new 24 levels!
• The levels are not connected.
• No big bosses to fight at the end of the level.
• No magicians with hidden bonus levels.
• No additional life, collecting 100 blue tings.
• You can't save a game; you must complete the entire level.
• Collecting 100 blue tings usually triggers the appearance of the exit sign.
New balloons. A balloon is inflated by a punch from Rayman's fist. Rayman can then
jump on top of it when it is inflated... but act quickly, because his weight immediately
deflates the balloon.


1. The Rayman Designer consists of Rayman - Game and Mapper. If you don't start the
Mapper, Rayman Designer is only a game. Put the Rayman For Ever CD into the drive.
Levels created by Rayman Designer can be shared with other players who have the Rayman Designer program.

Start Rayman Designer
Choose Rayman Designer . .
. . . and now play

Options page
Choose Rayman . . .
. . . and now Start

Rayman's World map appears. Go with Rayman and choose a world. Move Rayman on the map with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

World map with Rayman at the Jungle
The 4 jungle levels
Go with Rayman to the jungle world, and
confirm with space - bar
Choose with the arrow keys a world.
Confirm with space - bar

In every world are four games/maps, and the "other maps". "Other maps" means, this is the place where you "start " your own or imported maps.

If you have'nt still played any game (here: the jungle maps) you can play only "the sky's is the limit" game. If you have finishedx xyour first game successfully, you can play now Fruity Fun.


Rayman's action :Keys :
Move Rayman . . . . . . . .Arrow keys or Joypad
Jump . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ctrl or Joypad button 1
Fist. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ALT or Joypad button 2
Fast running. . . . . . .X or Joypad button 3
Planting . . . . . . . . . . . . . .X or Joypad button 3


FlowerMushroomsExit signMushroomsTree trunkMushrooms
Get all the 100 Blue ting blue Tings and finish the map successfully. If you can do it ,
the exit sign appears and Rayman wins the level.

If you have finished a map, your time is automatically registered. If you play your map again,
the quickest time will be saved.

Rayman's World Bildschirm
The blue Blue ting Tings you get, are shown
top right,
tings with an other color shown
down left
Number of lives and health points are shown
top left: .

You must get always ten from the
differently colored
Game screen display: 


Color 1Collecting the red tings, gives Rayman an additional life. Life

Blocking sprites will sometimes prevent Rayman from continuing along his path. When Rayman collects all of the differently colored tings, the blocking sprite will disappear .

Color 0Color 2Color 3Color 4Color 5 


Tree trunk
Double bass
Tree trunk - Jungle
Totem - Jungle
Double bass - Music

Xylophon - Music
Bridge - Mountains
Column - Mountains

Electric cabel
Pencil - Image
Ruler - Image

Electric wire
Rolling pin
Cherries - Cake


Telescopic fist ::
Press ALT. The longer you keep the button pressed, the further the fist will go. Thanks to this power, Rayman is able to swing on flying rings. It also allows him to pull the bonus items towards himself.
Hanging onto platforms ::
This power lets Rayman hang onto the edges of platforms.
Helicopter ::
Press CTRL to jump, then press it again to slow your descent with your helicopter blades.
Running ::
This power not only allows you to move faster (obviously), but also to build up speed to jump further. To activate it, press 'X' while you're walking.
Super helicopter power - Magic flask ::
Rayman must find a magic flask to activate the super helicopter power.
To fly, press CTRL multiple times.
Magic Seed ::
The magic seed works differently than in the original game. This power can only be used in the Jungle World. To plant a seed, press the 'X' key.
The seed can usually only be planted on the little heaps of earth that are scattered around on
the grass.


Karen's Rayman 1/ Gold website! ::
Karen's Rayman 1 website's

Rayman's "New Levels" - Game Playing Basics
Helpful instructions for completing each of the 24 new
levels that come with Rayman Gold and Rayman Forever.

Table of Contents - Rayman Gold
Start - Rayman Gold - Rayman Gold Tips - Help - News - Working with the Mapper - Working with the Event Editor

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