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Table of Contents - Rayman Gold
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01. Start 02. Mapper Shortcuts03. Assemble Map04. The Types  

Start the mapper ::

Start your Rayman CD and click Mapper >>>
Open World
>>> 1. Mapper
2. Open world
3. Choose one of the six worlds

Example maps
Here I choose"Jungle - Example A"

Choose from the example maps
A,B,C,D and E the mapsize
you want.
A: horizontal map - 600x40
B: vertical map - 40x200
C: square map - 200x200
D: vertical/rectangular - 100x200
E: horizontal/rectangular - 200x100

Add mapMap number
When you choose - Example A - . . .
right click on name of example map, then
"Add map":
Choose a number for your new map:

. . . here you see your new map1
Mark the new map1 text with a click, use the
right mouse button and choose from the menu
Map properties

A new window appears where you can type details about
your new map1
Map properties 

Your new map 1
Open your new map1 with a double click.
Here is now your new Map1 . . .


Open now the map "Template

The landscape pictures (here from the jungle) you need, are all inside the map "Template"

In the map Template, you can copy the landscape elements you need.
Click with the left mouse button and "frame" the element you want. Copy the element with Ctrl - C and change back into your own map.

The landscape element is "hanging"on the mousepointer, and you can move it
to the place you want. With Ctrl - V ,
you insert the element. (
Don't click
the mouse button until the copy has
been completed!)
 -Template Jungle

Delete a landscape element inside your own map layout, with framing the green background,
and move the green background "over" the landscape element. With Ctrl - V you insert the
green background
and with Ctrl - S, you save the changing.

Tip :: To copy a landscape element inside your "own map", only frame the element with the mouse pointer. No Ctrl - C necessary!


T ....................Shows you the type buttonbar
H ...................Zoom
Ctrl - S..........Save
Ctrl - C .........Copy
Ctrl - V .........Insert
Ctrl - Tab .....Change between windows


Now it's time, give your landscape the real look and feel for Rayman's adventures. Start now with drawing a map layout on paper or work inside your map with the landscape elements.


With the types, you determine the landscape properties. The types properties make it possible for Rayman, to walk, slip, climb, jump, plant, draw and fall.


Mushrooms Elementary types, appearing in all worlds

Normal Type
Normal type
Rayman and his enemys can walk on normal types.
Pass-through Type
Permeable type
Same as a normal type, but is Rayman below a platform with this type, he can jump up and "pass-through" it to land on the upper platform.
Sloping Types
Slooping type
Slooping type
Slooping type
You need sloping types, if Rayman has to go uphill or downhill.
Slippery Type
Slippery type
It is slippery, if Rayman walks on notelines, cream, black erasers and snow in the mountains.
Sloping and slipperyTypes
Sloping and slippery type
Sloping and slippery type
Sloping and slippery type
Used by notelines, cream, black erasers and snow in the mountains.

Mushrooms Special types ( Not in all worlds ) ::

Jump - Type
Only Image world
Jump type
Used by blue erasers in the image world. If Rayman touches a blue eraser, he starts automatically with jumping.
Blue eraserBlue eraser
Climp - Type
Only jungle world
Climbing type
Rayman uses climbing plants for his way up or down in the jungle world. Only for perpendicular climbing.
Perpenticular branch
Plant - Type
Only jungle world
Plant type
In the jungle world, Rayman can make a seed grow up to a waterlily. He uses the lily for jumping to higher platforms.
Planting Rayman

Mushrooms Deadly types ::

Dangerous Type
Dangerous type
If Rayman comes in contact with a dangerous type, he loses a life point. Type is used on notes, drawing pins, some spikes in the mountain and cave worlds
Drawing pins
Deadly Type
Deadly type
Rayman dies at once, if he touches a deadly type. Characteristic of all prickly plants.
Prickly fruit
Water Type
Water type
Rayman dies, if he drops into the water. an animation sequenz starts, where you can see how Rayman is drowning.
Drown Rayman
Fall Type
Fall type
If Rayman jumps from one platform to an other platform, and his jump was too short, he dies in the fall types.
Falling Rayman
Reacting Type
Reacting type
The reactive types stop moving elements, like clouds and antitoons. These events should move only between reactive types.
Example reacting type

With the icon "Types" from the buttonbar, or if you press the key "T" you switch between landscape - view or type view.
Map types

Landscape viewType view
Landscape viewType view

If the landscape work inside your own map is done, you can have a look into the Event Editor. Here you will found all Events, like hunter, stoneman, clown, bomber, stone dogs, antitoons, livingstones, prickly fruits, ect.


Karen's Rayman 1/ Gold website! ::
Karen's Rayman 1 website's

Rayman's "New Levels" - Game Playing Basics
Helpful instructions for completing each of the 24 new
levels that come with Rayman Gold and Rayman Forever.

Table of Contents - Rayman Gold
Start - Rayman Gold - Rayman Gold Tips - Help - News - Working with the Mapper - Working with the Event Editor

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