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Amazing Learning Box
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Learn, Explore, Imagine & Create
Amazing Learning Box

Amazing Learning Games ::Released in 1996
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"Knowledge is power - even for a superhero! That's what kids will find out as
they take the role of Rayman, the lovable goofball who must read, count and
spell as he battles his way through mind-bending landscapes on his way to
rescue the Magic Book of Knowledge from the evil Mr. Dark.

The challenges are so exciting, the adventures are so involving, the action is so
intense, children will hardly realize how much they're learning." (from box)
Amazing Learning Box

Features ::Minimum System Requirements ::
• All the game-play of the original Rayman
• 3 knowledge adventures
• 12 activities
• 180 game-play levels
• 6 outrageous worlds
• 50 fascinating characters
• Eye popping animation
IBM compatible PC; Windows 95, DOS 6.0 minimum;
486 DX2 66 minimum, Pentium recommended;
8 MB RAM minimum, 16MB RAM recommended;
256 colors VGA or SVGA graphics card;
2x CD-ROM drive or better;
Sound Blaster sound card or compatible;
keyboard or joypad.

Rayman Activity Center :: Ubisoft USA
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"Rayman Activity Center strives to awaken children to the joys of learning with a series of interactive games and activities. With 3 levels of difficulty to challenge and educate your child, this software will make kids (and parents) forget that they are developing valuable learning skills. 4-6 years
(Ubisoft) Released in 1999
Rayman Activity Center  Box

Rayman Activity Center  Box
Rayman Activity Center Features:
* Challenges children's creativity * Learn, explore, imagine & create
* An ideal introduction to the PC for youngsters
* Unique "Results" section allows parents to monitor children's progress
* Developed by pre-school teachers and tested by children
* Exclusive "Making of Rayman 2" digital video included

* Paint and color in Betilla's studio, then print your favorite drawings!
* Learn to assemble geometric shapes, then watch them come alive!
* Improve pattern recognition skills with the Toons!
* Develop letter recognition while helping the clowns!

Rayman Activity Center
Platform: IBM PC Compatible
Publishing House: Ubi Soft Entertainment (Yves Guillemot)
Production: Ludimedia (Gerard Guillemot)
Development: Ubi Studio (Michel Guillemot)
Release Date: September 01, 1999

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 95/98, Pentium 90 Mhz; 8 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM, Sound Blaster compatible sound card,
256 colors, mouse and keyboard.


Rayman Learning Center :: Manufacturer: Guillemot Corp.
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Released in 8/21/1999
Over 600 Challenging Math and English Exercises:
Originally released in 1996 as the Amazing Learning Games with Rayman, Ubi Soft rereleased the game in 1999 as three volumes of the Rayman Learning Center. In the 1996 version players could choose from three difficulty settings. In the 1999 release the difficulty setting was already chosen, hence the "ages 6-7, 7-8 or 8-9".

Rayman Learning Center includes:
• 60 different levels
• 12 activities
• 700 questions
• On-screen help
• The "Making-Of" Rayman 2:
• A cool Rayman Fridge Magnet
Boxshot Vol. 1
Boxshot Vol. 2
Boxshot Vol. 3
Vol. 1: Ages 6-7
Vol. 2: Ages 7-8
Vol. 3:Ages 8-9

Learn the following skills:
Counting • Numeral Recognition • Comparisons • Place Values • Addition & Subtraction
Spelling • Phonics/Reading • Vocabulary • Word Recognition • Word Classification

Where is the game, all i get are these demo/practice levels?
When you first start Rayman Learning Center, there are only 2 levels available, and many training levels. You can play the training levels if you want (to practice skills),
or you can play one of the 2 actual levels. Every time you beat an actual level, more
levels open up.

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 95/98,
Pentium 90 Mhz; 8 MB RAM, CD-ROM 4x,
Sound Blaster compatible sound card, 256 colors, mouse and keyboard, joypad optional.



Rayman Learning Center FAQ ::

I can't get the game to install, please help ::

Rayman Learning Center is an older MS-DOS title. It is dated in comparison to Windows 95/98 based games, but is still an excellent education title for children. Because this game is an older title, it is a little trickier to get to work with newer, more advanced systems. Some Windows systems today can play this game just fine, and some are a bit too advanced for these older titles. This game will not work on Windows NT or Windows 2000, and is not tested to work on Laptops.


01. Insert the cd-rom into your system.
* if you have auto-insert notification on, a rayman window will pop up on your desktop automatically.
* if you have auto-insert notification off, then you need to go into my computer, open your cd-rom drive,
* and select autorun.exe
02. In the rayman window, click on install.
03. A DOS window will pop up. Wait until it gives you the options of install, sound, exit (Note: this DOSinstallation does not use your mouse. It only uses the arrow keys, the enter key, and the spacebar. When an option is yellow, it means it is currently highlighted.) Select install, and hit enter. # Select one of the four installation choices and hit enter.

* extended install with video - this is the best choice, install takes 124mb
* extended install - install takes 104mb
* minimal install with video - install takes 42mb
* minimal install - install takes 22mb

05. After it scans your hard drive, it gives you the option to choose what hard drive you prefer for
00. installation. C:\ is the best choice, and the default. it is recommend you leave it at C:\ and hit enter.
06. It next asks you for installation path. It is best to leave it at the default, and just hit enter (Note: if the
00. installation path already exists, it will not let you install to it. You may want to choose a different path,
00. or delete the existing folder.)
07. Next, hit space bar. # When the installation is complete, hit space bar. We are now almost done.
08. Now select and install your sound. For sound installation click here.
09. When through with the sound installation. Select exit and hit enter. It will ask if you are sure. Select
00. yes, and hit enter.
10. Now back at windows, click on play.
11. That's it! Have fun learning.

Where's my mouse, how do i control this game? ::

Rayman Learning Center is an older MS-DOS based title. It does not use the mouse, the only keys used
in this game are:
the arrow keys, up, down, left, right.
the enter key
the space bar
the ALT key
the CTRL key
the Esc key

  More from the Ubi Soft Solution Center - Knowledge Base (FAQ)


Operating System: DOS/Windows 3.1/95/98
This games don't run under Windows NT , Windows 2000
and Windows XP, but ...

DOS Box Homepage
You can "re-live" the good old days with the help of DOSBox, it can run
plenty of the old games that don't run on your new XP computer!

Screenshots ::

No screenshots available

Cheat Codes ::

There are currently no cheat codes available.

Links ::

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Ubi Soft Solution Center - Knowledge Base (FAQ)


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So plug in your joystick and it's your turn to play ... Good luck!

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